This weekend I went to another Galaxy

So yesterday afternoon I went to class. Last term for my post grad but I have had all online courses until now. It felt weird being on a campus I had never been to before, and I felt like I was visiting an alien world that looked very similar to Earth.

But when I got home my boyfriend had invited some friends over and we got a chance to play some board games and drink some wine. I don’t drink often, but it felt like a day to treat myself. We played Twilight Imperium and Ideology. Imperium is a contender for one of my favorite board games. I like that there is a lot of room for strategy and that the game changes every time you play it. Last game technology was huge and the next game it is all about military, or last game wormholes were huge but the next game they were irrelevant.


Me and my friends almost always choose three random races from the stack and then choose from those three. This way there is some randomness but you are less likely to get stuck with a race you really don’t want to play as. I played the Universities of Jol-Nar, which I had never had a chance to play before. The other factions on the board were the Barony of Letnev, the Emirates of Hacan and the Mentak Coalition. The Mentak are my favorite faction so I was sad (and scared) to play against them! But, after a long game, I was able to squeak ahead in Victory Points and using the Bureaucracy strategy card choose the objective that ended the game. If I hadn’t, the Mentak would definitely have beaten me.

Ideology is a good game that can be very quick or very long depending on the countries that come up and the style of the players. By exerting cultural, economic and military influence to neutral and enemy countries, you attempt to have the Ideology that has spread the most. Our game was up and down, with every single player getting to a point where they were about to win. At any time someone could creep into the lead, so every decision counted. Win or lose, everyone was happy that their ideology could perform so well.

Wine and globe spanning ideology wars. Normal Saturday evening

So that was yesterday. A full day.

Today, me and my boyfriend went to a tournament for a Minitaures Game called Star Trek Attack Wing. We’ve been playing it for almost a year now. We started just after it launched. The game is about piting your fleet of Star Trek ships against your opponents, and each ship can be outfitted with crew, weapons, technology, and other neat stuff.

Today we played the second tournament for a three part competition called “The Collective”. It is all about borg themed scenarios. Today’s was the Battle of Wolf 359. We both had already played (and won) this same tournament in different venues so today we played for fun. He played a fleet with a lot of small ships called a swarm, which was mostly Bajoran fighters and the Enterprise NX-1. I played a Romulan fleet of two D’Deridex class warbirds.

My two D’Deridex warbirds, custom paint jobs by me!

I love this game, and although some recent released ships have been a little overpowered and some combos a little broken, over all I enjoy being able to paint the models, build thematically, and have Star Trek themed fun!

So this weekend I explored the strange new world of a distant campus, pitted galactic fleets against each other and tried to gain ideological supremacy.

Tomorrow I hope I can just clean my kitchen.

But that’s tomorrows adventure.


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