Bored is normal for my first day, right?

Today is my first day of class for my post grad. Prof decided to give us a 15 minute break and we took it gladly. So far I have been able to do this program entirely online but finally got stuck, and had to take one in a classroom. Makes me realize why I love online class so much more.

It just fits better with how I learn. I like to go at my own pace and being in my apartment, a place where I’m comfortable, helps me a lot. Never realized just how much until I saw how my grades rose. Being in a strange building, among people I don’t know, aware of the fact that I had an hour long trip home kind of hurts my ability to focus. At home I have deadlines, and all the info at my fingertips. I can learn when I want to, and it makes me feel more inspired to focus on what I actually enjoy.

So if you’re like me, and prefer being where you’re comfortable and learning at your own pace, I recommend online classes. I am a big fan of routine, and I was able to fit it in so much more easily.

But anyway, I’m not here as a spokesperson for online classes.

I found out yesterday in my post that I think this blogs goal will be to determine what my imagination is capable essentially. By embracing my creative endeavors I hope to see what my mind is capable of.

If not for class resuming, I would detail my plans for stories, world building, etc. But alas, the break is over.

I must put learning about my mind on hold, to learn about the world outside.

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