Models and Mayhem

The morning of day two has arrived. I will be discussing my first thoughts on reading Game of Thrones, so of course there will be spoilers if you’re like me and still haven’t read it.

Yesterday I started Game of Thrones, and didn’t put it down for quite some time. I reached the point where the first real tragic death occurred: Lady. There was almost no description of the death itself, but it still hurt. Watching the show was painful enough, but reading that chapter knowing it was coming was torture!

So far, I love the book. Specifically, the wedding of Daenerys and Drogo was much better written. You really have the idea that he has something soft inside, and the description of their marriage consummation was much more beautiful than the rugged scene the show portrayed. The book definitely made me feel their relationship starts on a better foot, and not just because of how attractive the actor of Drogo was!

So the new book series is starting off well, but I did manage to put the book down long enough to do other things.

I put together my first few models for the miniatures game Malifaux. I started with the sets “Open Grave” and “No Shelter here”, I also got the Teddy model so I could recreate Annie and Tibbers from LoL in miniatures form. So there’s something new you know about me! I play LoL, though haven’t in quite some time. But not so long ago that I forget the dangerous little pyro and her teddy bear.


I also managed to write a small short story. I occasionally do this. Specifically I begin writing and don’t stop until the story is done. I don’t think ahead of time of what I want to write or do any research or planning, I simply start writing and see where my mind takes me. I call these “Quicktime Stories”. This one ended up being a story of a man dealing with madness after crash landing on an alien world. I edited it quite a bit and sent it in to a few short story sites online to see if it was good enough for them to post. Even rejection is feedback, and more importantly: rejection means I created something they could dislike. I’ll be posting it in my writing section.

I’d rather be rejected than ignored.

Not sure what I have planned for today, but I’m curious, and I think that’s a good sign.


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