What’s next?

I have been brainstorming today as to what I can actually do with this blog, and I suppose it is best to simply link it to what I spend my free time doing.

I write, I paint, I read, and I watch TV and movies. So that’s what I should blog about. When I read a book I like, or paint a new model or write a new story, that’s what my posts will talk about.


I never read the Song of Ice and Fire novels. My father owns them, and I borrowed the first two a little while ago, and I’m finally going to start reading them. I’m sure I will have lots to say as I read through the series. I’ve watched the show and played the Crusader Kings II Game of Thrones mod excessively. I wonder what new things I will experience reading the story as opposed to watching it.

Usually I enjoy books more, simply because I’m free to let my imagination work. My imagination is my favorite part of myself to exercise.

Going forward, I hope to share this exercise with my blog. I’ll post about what I do, and how my mind is stimulated. That seems very me. So when I write a new story, I will post it here. When I paint something, I will post it here. When I read or watch something, I will post my thoughts here.

Fantastic. We have a game plan!

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