…Now what?

I have always had an issue with organized expression and there is no surprise that starting a blog doesn’t instantly remedy that.

But here I am anyway. Working to better my writing through regular posts. Fingers crossed.

My name is Alex, and I am stuck. I’m afraid of my future despite how many times I tell myself it will be fine. I am afraid of being trapped doing something I won’t like, and leaving behind something I do. I lost my job this summer, and I have been trying to replace it. No luck yet, but the tree is blooming. Just a matter of time till I have fruit.

Just not sure what it will be yet. I have been working quite vigorously on creative pursuits lately. I have been painting ship models, writing short stories and building a fictional universe for a novel series I have been dreaming for ages that includes planets, alliances, governments, culture, religions, war, languages, etc. Now I know what your first question is….

What kind of ships do you paint?

The answer is Star Trek ship models. But that’s for another post.

I am here today, on this corner of the internet to see if I can start a project and see it through. To see if I can attempt something and make it happen. Today is a step I am taking towards a possible future I might like. There is no way to know if what I am doing is right for me, but that’s not what I’m curious about. I am curious to see if I can actively work towards any future, and not just let what happens happen.

So, whether I take this journey alone, or whether people watch with awe, boredom or laughter, I want to do it.

So let’s see what I do. I have no idea what I will write about, and that scares me.

But I’m no cat, so what harm could curiosity do to me?

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